Sure. Writing is easy. Until it’s not. Until you open a fresh document in Word and find yourself staring at a crisp, clean, empty screen.

Suddenly, your brain is as blank as the new doc. Those “thoughts” you were going to just type into Word are less clear, less defined.

New thoughts rush in:

  • “This is an important article, so it has to be perfect.”
  • “Remember, the first sentence has to grab the reader.”
  • “Oh, and I have to optimize for search. That means using lots of keywords … doesn’t it?!”

Oh! Writing is … hard!

At least good writing is. Mediocre, average writing is easy.

But you want your article, your blog to stand out from the crowd, right?

Then why waste your valuable time writing blog articles when you have a business to run? Why spend your day staring at the blank page, hoping something will magically appear when you have more important things to do.

Instead, hire a writer …

Whether for a one-off article or a collection to build the core content of your blog, hiring a professional writer can mean the difference between a ho-hum blog article and one that can speak to the true desires of your audience and drive action!

What do you need written today?

  • Article or Blog Post
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  • 1 image per 1000 words
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  • 3–5 Articles Per Week
  • Starting at $2500 / month
  • Same as one-off articles, plus …
  • 2000 words per week (avg)
  • Any length combo (2x 1000, 4x500, etc.)
  • Original research
  • 30 day editorial calendar included
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  • Email Sequences
  • Starting $500 / email
  • Individual or sequences
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  • Ongoing monthly service available
  • No templates; custom writing
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