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In the meantime, read below to find out how you can make sure your article is the best it can be!

"The 1st draft of anything is sh*t!"
— Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemmingway
Ernest "Papa" Hemingway

CONGRATULATIONS! You are now well armed to turn that blank page into a well-written article that will drive traffic to your site, establish or strengthen your expertise, and drive sales.

But ask yourself this question: "Is this draft good enough to go on my website or send off as a guest post?"

If you're like me, or Papa Hemingway, your first draft probably isn't as good as it could be. It is probably full of spelling mistakes, poor organization, missing or incomplete data.

And throwing up the first draft of an article is a sure sign of an amateur. That's why we say, "writing is rewriting."

I tell my clients that you can't edit a blank page. But once you have filled that page, how do you determine what's working, and what's not? What can be improved? How do you know what to change?

Simple. Get an editor!

A good editor will not only fix those nagging little errors in grammar and usage that make you look like an amateur, but will provide guidance on structure, voice, and flow. A good editor is a second set of eyes and will find problems you may have overlooked.

Even after 20 years writing articles for all types of newsletters, magazines, and websites, I still send my work off to an editor before calling it finished. Even Hemingway relied on his editor, Maxwell Perkins.

Who do you rely on to make sure your articles are the best they can be?

Let me help you write better

For a limited time, I am offering my editing services to new clients. I only take on a few clients at a time to ensure I am able to give my full attention to their writing.

I normally charge at least $50 to review and edit a 500–1000 word article, but as a special, one-time introductory offer, I’ll provide these services to you for just $10 (for articles up to 1000 words; longer article editing available at $10 per 1000 words total).

That’s 80% off my standard rate. But it’s only available to you from this page! Even if your article is not yet written, reserve your spot on my calendar and secure this limited discount.

What I will do

I will read your article, and review it using my 10-point editing checklist to mark up any grammar or usage issues, analyze your structure and flow, and will provide a written evaluation with recommendations to improve the article.

It will include a red penned copy — like your English teacher gave you, but no failing grades, I promise! — as well as commentary on things you can do to improve your article.

My job is not to tell you what you did wrong (unlike your English teacher!). My job is to help you improve your article to it is the best it can possibly be.

The edited article and my recommendations will be returned to you within 24 hours (orders received after 4:30 p.m. CST on Friday will be edited the following Monday and returned by Tuesday morning).

How it works

Simply click the big button, below, and fill out the questionnaire. It will give me the background information (like intended audience, etc.) so I can provide accurate feedback.

Once you complete the questionnaire and make payment, I will send you an email with instructions to upload your article. (Draft articles over 1000 words will be billed the difference upon completion.)

After I have received the article, I will go to work to read, review, edit, and comment, providing you with the benefit of 20 years experience turning raw words into content worthy of your blog.

And, I will re-read and comment on your 2nd draft AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Don’t have it written yet? No problem. Once you’ve completed the form, I’ll email you a link where you can upload your article when it is completed. Then 24 hours later, you’ll have your reviewed and edited article, with my tips for improving it.

Just fill out the form … ⇩