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What's your rank, armchair detective?

Earn points — called Rank Score — towards special offers & discounts. Every time you complete an action, you'll gain points. When you're inactive on the site, you'll lose points.

It's simple … as an official member of the Tales of Murder Armchair Detective's Bureau, you have the ability to gain rank based on experience; similar to how real-world detectives gain rank as they solve cases. So, by reading more stories, downloading SNS PREMIUM stories, buying novellas & novels, opening your emails and clicking links in those emails, you continue to prove your worth as a member of this cadre.

How to earn points:

For every 50 points earned, I'll send you a special discount code or offer. Sometimes, I'll just send out random offers to you if I see you're actively participating and reading a lot, even if you haven't reached a points milestone.

To find out how many points you have, just check your latest email for a tally. Note that due to how the server calculates the scores (once every 12 hours), it may be slightly out of sync, but rest assured that you will be credited for all points due.

But note: you'll also lose points when you don't click, buy, read, download or otherwise participate. Remember, while you're under no obligation to enjoy what I offer on TalesofMurder.com, by becoming a subscriber and member of the Armchair Detective's Bureau, you've gained access to a special collection of suspenseful, exciting, engaging and thrilling murder mystery, crime & detective stories. So it pays to play!

Finally, the point system is strictly for fun. This does not constitute any contract or obligation on the part of Tales of Murder Press, LLC or on your part as a participant. And, you can unsubscribe from any or all mailings & notifications at any time.

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